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Ikecrotec Media Pro. In Collaboration With Galilee Healing Church to Fight Crime

Galilee Healing Church Int.

Box AN 6318, Accra. Tel/Fax: +233 302 240 120 / +233 246 103 708 Web:http:// ikecrotec.wordpress.com/
Email: galileehealingchurch@yahoo.cm



Galilee Healing Church, an
NPO, which is situated in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana, was dully
registered according to the Laws of Ghana in 1990 with an NPO, Registration
Number (RB 300) under the able-leadership of Prophetess Grace Akwah and Rev.
Isaac Asomah-Sarpong. 

Galilee Healing Church is a
fellowship of churches which confess the Lord Jesus Christ as God and Savior
according to the scriptures, and therefore seek to fulfill together their
common calling to the glory of the one God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

It is a community of churches on the
way to visible unity in one faith and one Eucharistic fellowship, expressed in
worship and in common life in Christ. It seeks to advance towards this unity,
as Jesus prayed for his followers, “so that the world may believe.”
(John 17:21)


Ghana as a developing country has an
increasing rate of abandoned children whose plight is left in the hand of
nature! In our quest to win souls for the Lord and undertake our Corporate
Social Responsibility, our church undertakes various projects to help to
improve the lives of the needy and “scum” in the society and these include;

Helping to Eradicate
Streetism through
the training of Street Children

Making frequent donations to Orphanages and homes for Homeless Children

Sponsoring Brilliant but needy Students to attain the highest possible height
in education

The Media section also Produce and Telecast Educative/Documentaries to help
eradicate stigmatization of HIV victims and the Helpless/Needy in
the society.


Since the church is not a profit
making venture, one of the co-founders of the church has set up a Travel and
Tour Company (Ikecrotec Ventures) whose profits are used as funds to
augment the projects undertaken by the church.

Ikecrotec Ventures is a three-in-one company which has joined their hands
together in one accord. Founded in 2003 by Rev. Isaac Asomah-Sarpong,
we are dully registered according to the laws of Ghana with Business
Registration Number: BN-17,599D (TIN: 6241074500)

We undertake services such as;

Car rentals (Insured Vehicles, Professional International Drivers)

Hotel Reservations (Affordable accommodations)

Protocol  (Insured Vehicles, Professional International Drivers)

Tour Packages (Well trained guides to take you to spectacular sites; affordable
packages for church groups, individuals, back-packers, couples

Media Productions (Aggressive, educational and
informational but entertaining)

Spiritual Warfare (Deliverance from; Spirit Husbands (Incubi), Spirit Wives
(Succubi) (From the Latin to Lie Upon or Under a SPIRIT) Ancestral Curses.
General Healing).

We have a team of Qualified
Christian Professionals who carry out their duties meticulously and in the fear
of the Lord with the aim of making each customer’s experience unique and
worthwhile leaving the client satisfied and encourage repeat purchase.

The church also is able to raise
funds from the generous donations of philanthropists and philanthropic


We invite you to come along with us

Experience firsthand the sights and sounds of Ghana

Take advantage of our special offers (discounted rates) for the year 2009

Support any of our Church Projects in aid of innovatively improving the lives
of the less fortunate in the society.



Log on: http://ikecrotec.spaces.live.com/

Email: ikecrotech@yahoo.com,

Tel/Fax +233 302 240 120 / +233 24 610 3708

Kind Regards

Rev. Isaac Asomah-Sarpong




– Arrival Tel-Aviv

Arrival at Ben- Gurion Airport in Israel.

Meeting and assistance by our representative at the airport.
Transfer to your hotel for dinner and overnight.

DAY 2- Tel-Aviv – Jaffa – Caesarea – Haifa

Full day tour into the Galilee.

Depart hotel for a visit to old Jaffa and St. Peter church.

of Tabitha, and Peter o/n at the house of Simon the Tanner)

Continue for a short panoramic tour of Tel Aviv to take the
coastal road to Caesarea maritime. (Acts 9:30; Acts 10: 24-48) visit the
amphitheatre, the Roman, Byzantine, and Crusader city, the water aqua duct, and
continue to Haifa city on Mount Carmel.

View the port, the Bahai shrine and gardens.

Across the valley of Jezrael and Armageddon, (1 Kings 4: 28;
9; 15; 2Kings 23; 29 & Revelation 16:16)

Continue to Tiberias by the Sea of Galilee for dinner and

DAY 3 – Tiberias – Sea of Galilee – Mt. Beatitude – Capernaum –
Jordan River

We visit all the holy places around the sea of Gallilee, the
land of Jesus ministry.

Depart hotel to the shores of Tiberias city to take a boat ride
across to Kibbutz Gennosar by the old port of Magdala.

Continue to the Mount of Beatitude (Matt.16: 13 & Mark
where the Sermon on the Mount was delivered.

Visit the site of the multiplication of Loaves and Fishes,

(Matt. 13; Mark. 33-45; John 21).

We visit next door the church of St. Peter of the primacy. Here where Jesus called
his first disciples, and where he appeared to peter after the resurrection, the
third apparition. We continue by bus few miles to arrive at Capernaum the home
city of Jesus ministry.

(Matt.4: 13; 13:54; 17:24; Luke 7; Mark 1:2; John 4: 46-54)

We visit the ancient synagogue, and the village ruins. We view
the remains of St. Peter’s house.

We circle the lake, cross the Jordan river flowing into the sea
of Galilee, drive by Kursi, where the Lord cured the disturbed man and took his
bad spirit and put it into the swines that were nearby.

Arrive to Kibbutz Ein Gev for a fish lunch.

Continue to the new baptismal site on the Jordan River.

Here there is a chance to hold a ceremony of renewing the

Return to the hotel in Tiberias for dinner and overnight.

– Caesarea Philippi – Kana – Nazareth

Early morning depart north to Banias, the Caesarea
Philippi, built by Philip, son of Herod. Jesus visited this site with his
disciples (Matthew 16:13-23, Mark 8:27). Then on to Kana in Galilee to visit
the wedding church (John 2: 1-11) where it is believed that the wedding
miracle took place when Jesus turned the water into wine (the first miracle).

Continue to Nazareth and stop for lunch.

We visit the holy places in Nazareth
during all this afternoon.

(Luke 1:26; 4: 16-29; Matthew 2:23)

Visit Mary’s well, at St. Gabriel church. Continue through the
market and bazaars of Nazareth to visit the site of the synagogue, (now it is a
church), where Jesus was reading that certain Saturday, from the book of
Isaiah, and was spelt from the community to the mount of precipitation.

Continue to the church of the Annunciation; visit the grotto.

Depart Nazareth, and return to Tiberias for dinner and

Jericho – Jerusalem – Beth-Lehem – Shepherds Fields

Depart Tiberias for Jericho, driving through the Jordan valley
and the wilderness of Samaria and Judea.

Passing by Beth-Shean (Skythopolis), to arrive to Jericho, (Luke
19:1-10; Matt 4: 1-4; 8-11)
the oldest city in the world dating back to the 8th
millennium B.C.

We visit here the ruins of the ancient town; we view mount of
temptation, the sycamore tree, and the spring of Elisa.

Continue to Jerusalem via the wilderness of Judea, the Good
Samaritan inn, (Luke 10:25-37)

Bethlehem for lunch and visit.

Then visit to Bethlehem and the Shepherd’s Fields.

Drive by Rachel’s Tomb to arrive to the Manger Square.

We visit the church of Nativity, (Matt. 2:16-18;Luke
2:1-7;John 1:18;Matt.2: 1-11)
which is the oldest Byzantine Basilica in the
Holy Land; visit the Manger, the St. Joseph grotto, the St. Jerome grotto, and
the Basilica of St. Catherine.

Continue to the Shepherd’s Field (Luke 2: 8-18); visit
the shepherd’s cave and the new chapel.

After some shopping ascend to Jerusalem for dinner and

Mount of Olive’s – From Beth Fage to Gethsemane

of Olives and the Holy Sites

We visit this morning all the holy sites on the Mount of Olives.
We view the spectacular Jerusalem from the top of the Mount.

Continue to Beth Fage on the mount to visit the site where Jesus
began his triumphal entry into Jerusalem riding on a colt.

Visit the site of the Ascension of Jesus to heaven. (Matt.28:
16; Luke 24:50)

Visit the Patter Noster, where the lord taught his disciples how
to pray.

(Luke 11:1-13; Matt.6: 9-15)

Descend on foot down the Palm Sunday path (Luke 19:28-40) to
arrive Dominos Flavit where the Lord prophesized the forthcoming destruction of
Jerusalem, and wept over it.

(Luke 19:41-44; Matt 23:37-39; Revelation 21: 1-4)

Continue downhill to the garden of Gethsemane and visit the
Church of All Nations, here where the lord was taken by the roman soldiers to
the high priest, and from there to Pontius Pilate. (Luke 22:39-53)

Zion: Cenacle – Dormition Abbey – St. Peter in Galicantu

lunch break we visit the cave of the betrayed near the garden of Gethsamane and
we visit the traditional site of the tomb of Mary.

We drive up to mount Zion for a visit to the room of the last
supper, the Cinaculum, from crusader days,

(John 17:20-26; Matt.26: 26-30; John 20: 19-28)

We visit the Abbey of Dormition church where Mary ascent to
heaven, (1 Corinthians 15:51-55)

We visit St. Peter church in Galicantu, where Jesus was
imprisoned at Kayfas house.

From here he was taken to Pontius Pilate judgment hall at the

(John 18:1; Luke 22:31-34; Luke 222:54-62; ending with Psalm 88)

Return to your hotel in Jerusalem for dinner and overnight.

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Travel! Travel! Travel! A 9Days Tours To Israel

DAY 7 – Dead-Sea – Qumran – Ein-Gedi – Massada

Depart Jerusalem to the Dead Sea, the lowest spot on earth.

Short visit to Qumran, where the Dead Sea scrolls were found,
then proceed along the Dead Sea shores, passing by Ein Gedi oasis, to arrive

We visit this spectacular site where the last zealots fought the
roman army in the year 73 A.D.
marks the end of the second temple period.

Before we return to Jerusalem we stop for a life experience of
swimming and floating over the Dead Sea waters.

Return to Jerusalem for dinner and overnight.

St. Ann – Bethesda- Lithostratus -Via Dolorosa – Garden Tomb

Old City of Jerusalem

We start our walking tour by the lion’s gate or St. Stephan

We enter the old city and visit the pools of Bethesda, where
Jesus healed the paralytic man.

(John 5:1-15)

Visit next to it the crusader church of St. Ann – where
according to old Christian tradition
Mary, the mother of Jesus, was born.

to the flagellation church where Jesus trailed and this is the beginning of the
way of the cross. (John 19:1-11; 19:12-17; 10:11; 17-18; Luke2: 28-35;
23:26; 9:23-26; 2Corinthians 4:5-18; John 19:23-24).

Here believed where Jesus was scourged, before he was given the

We walk towards the condemnation chapel, where Jesus was mocked,
and crowned with wreath of thorns. From here we start the walking along the Via
Dolorosa carrying a cross.

We stop at the sisters of Zion convent to view underground the
floor of the Pretorium,
walk on the floor of the
Pretorium, where Jesus could have walked.

Continue through all the stations to arrive the church of the
holy Sepulcher. (Matt 27:33; 28:10).

venerate the last five station of the cross, within the church primacies.

We visit Calvary, the empty tomb (John 20:11-18) and
the grotto of finding the cross.

Depart the old city through the bazaars and Jaffa gate.

Walk through the Jewish quarter in
the old city, to visit the Roman and Crusader Cardo.

Continue to the Western Wall for a visit. (Luke2: 22-39;
42-51; John 2:13-23)

Visit to the temple courtyard, if security wise it will be
opened and allowed. (Matt.4: 5-7; 24:1-226:31-46; Acts 3:1-10)

Depart the old city through the Dung-Gate to the Garden Tomb,
you can have a celebration.

Return to your hotel for dinner and overnight.

 DAY 9 – New city of Jerusalem – Abu-Gosh – Tel Aviv

Drive through west Jerusalem for a panoramic view of all the
Major institutions, located
Jerusalem, like the Knesset (Israeli parliament) and the Menorah, the official
symbol of the state of Israel. Then to a touching visit to the Holocaust
Memorial – Yad Vashem, dedicated to the remembrance of the 6 million Jewish
victimes during the 2nd World War. On to explore the treasures of
the Israel Museum including the Dead Sea Scrolls, housed in the dramatic Shrine
of the Book and after see the Model of Jerusalem from 2nd temple

Continue to the village of Abu-Gosh to visit the church of the
resurrection. Here was the second apparition of Jesus after the resurrection,
when he journeyed with the two disciples returning to Galilee, and they were on
the way to Emmaus. (Luke 24: 13). Transfer to Ben Gurion airport for the
return flight home.




Thank you.

Thursday the 2nd of September 2010


Rev Isaac Asomah Sarpoasc

 Dear Rev Isaac,

 Please find below the price offer
for the itinerary of

9 Days/8 nights.






Tel Aviv

Day , 2010

Day, 2010




2nd Day, 2010

5th Day, 2010




Day, 2010

Day,  2010




6th Day, 2010

9th Day, 2010




Group size

Per person in

Sup for single


15 + 1

US$ 1560

US$ 310

US$ 1440

20 + 1

US$ 1202

US$ 310

US$ 1440

25 + 1

US$ 1005

US$ 310

US$ 1440

30 + 1

US$ 919

US$ 310

US$ 1440

35 + 1

US$ 871

US$ 310

US$ 1440

40 + 1

US$ 834

US$ 310

US$ 1440

prices include :


– Meet and assistance at Ben Gurion
airport Tel Aviv at your arrival from Ghana,transfer to your hotel in Tel Aviv.

– 9 Full days tour in air
conditionned bus based on the itinerary attached – 9 days Israel .

– Transfer to airport on the last


– English licensed guide for all the
period  from the arrival at Ben Gurion
airport, 9 full days et transfer on the last day.


– 8 nights in tourist class  hotels 3*** superior.

– 8 breakfasts at the hotels

– 7 dinners at the hotels

– 8 lunches on route during the tour
(St Peter fish meal)

Entrance fees to following sites:

  • Caesarea  Philippi- Banias,  Bethany (Lazare tomb), Bethlehem, cruise
    on the Sea of de la Galilee, Caesarea 
    Maritim, Capernaum, Ecce Homo, Jéricho, Meggido, Messada, Museum
    Israel with the Model of Jerusalem at the 2nd temple period,
    Muhraka/Mt Carmel,  Nazareth, Pater
    Noster, Piscine de Bethesda et Eglise St Anne, Qumeran.

– Portrage at the hotels

prices do not include:

Flight ticket,

Personal expenses, Extras during the

Tips to driver and guide,

Assurance Medicale,      

Best regards,

 Sarah Gilad-Levi,

Eco Solution Travel In Collaboration With Ikecrotec Ventures (Correspondent in Ghana)

Local Tours In Ghana


Arrival! Pick-up and transfer to hotel.


Start the day with a visit to the National Museum After, off to the Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum, “Old Polo Grounds” the place where the first President of Ghana declared Independence, take a look at his historic artifacts. Here you can breathe the history of Ghana since independence; nearby you can see the Old Parliament Building and the Historical High Court.
Enjoy lunch at “Country Kitchen”  or “Papaye” Visit the biggest market of handicraft folk and art – Art Centre to shop for locally manufactured fabric, dresses, shoes, drums, carvings etc
(LUNCH only)   **Optional: night out / clubbing



Embark on hiking in the Kakum Rainforest and test your courage on the 40m (120ft) high wood-and-rope canopy walkway, one of six in the world. Or take an informatory walk through the forest floor to see unique, captivating fauna and flora. A breathtaking experience!

Enjoy lunch at “One Africa Production” a family oriented resort overlooking Elmina castle and enjoy a tour of their private “Roots” museum. Tour the Cape Coast Castle(15thcentury monument), known for its association with Slave Trade.                                                                                           

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The Cape coast Castle





Take an hour and half’s drive on excellent road to Akosombo. Cruise the Volta on board the “Dodi Princess”, a 250 sitter cruise ship amidst music provided by the onboard live band. Enjoy a buffet lunch on the boat.


See interesting fauna, beautiful estates of islands and simply enjoy the

breeze. (LUNCH only)




Drive down to Bojo Beach resort in Accra

(one of Ghana’s neatest beaches in Accra) and enjoy the spectacular natural phenomena of having a river, estuary and ocean, all within 300 meters from each other. 

Get ferried across the estuary towards the beach for a swim or simply relax and enjoy your lunch.

Enjoy the breeze that will ease the tension of the day for the serious businessman, provide a brief interlude for the tourist or simply offer a change in one’s routine. Wander down to reflect on the beauty of the site. Evenings; see Accra light up the horizon!

Side attractions include a Golf Driving Range and Music and Dance.

(LUNCH only)



Free day

Pack up and check out of your hotel for airport transfer.







USD. Contact us for a special offer +233-246-103-708

USD. Contact us for a special offer +233-246-103-708




Transportation (Air-conditioned bus with video and other facilities)

Meals as indicated

Guide services

Site entry fees


Price Excludes:

·        Airfare

·        Gratuities/ Tips

·        Medical Insurance


 Terms and Conditions:

·        Confirm 2weeks prior to the trip.

·        Money transfer details will be given upon confirmation.

·        Advance payment of 50% of the total cost must be made upon confirmation Foreigners need a valid Ghanaian visa unless a dual citizen

            WELCOME TO GHANA!

With a land mass of 238,540sq
(92,100sq miles),
coastline of 540km(divided into
regions and capitals), Population of
20,757,032; 43% Christians, 15%
Moslems and the rest traditional, Ghana, who became independent on
March 1957
, practices a
constitutional democracy and has English as her official language. Ghana became
a republic on
1st July 1960,  Accra is her capital and has The Cedi (GH¢) and The Pesewa (Gp) as the official currency. Local time is in Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

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Ghana @ Five ‘O’ To Be Aired On Six TV Stations Nation-Wide, To Fight Crime In Our Society & Ghana As A whole




<embed src="http://images.video.msn.com/flash/soapbox1_1.swf&quot; width="432" height="364" id="vdmognt2" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowFullScreen="true" allowScriptAccess="always" pluginspage="http://macromedia.com/go/getflashplayer&quot; flashvars="c=v&v=007c58f6-78a5-41c3-846a-b17af50bbf48&ifs=true&fr=msnvideo&mkt=en-US"></embed><noembed><br/><a href="http://video.msn.com/video.aspx?vid=007c58f6-78a5-41c3-846a-b17af50bbf48&quot; target="_new" title="Ghana @ Five 'O' Promo 2">Video: Ghana @ Five 'O' Promo 2</a></noembed>


Ventures is a three-in-one company. Ikecrotec Media Production, the media
section of our firm was set up in 2007 by Rev. Isaac Asomah-Sarpong. Ikecrotec
firmly believes an aggressive educational and informational but entertaining
approach should be taken consciously and consistently to challenge the youth to
enjoy a secured future.

have produced a feature film titled GH @ five ‘O’ which depicts evil vices such
as Armed Robbery, Mobile phone
snatching, Car hijacking, Ritual murder, Drug Trafficking etc,
which are
engulfing the nation.

was first premiered at the National Theatre and was rated as one of the best,
ever made movies as far as Ghanaian movies are concerned. It features well known
artists such as Seth Karikari “Koo Fori” (of Efie Wura) and Omar Sheriff
Captan. Media Houses such as Graphic
showbiz, P&P, Fylla entertainment, Splash entertainment
published the event.
Based on the factual act and how educative the movie is, we were applauded by the
Former Director of TV (GTV) Mr. Charles Kofi Bucknor and the Former Acting
Director General, Yaw Owusu Addo (GTV), after screening the movie.

carried out a research which indicates that about 362 mobile phone crime cases
were reported within 3 months; 25 were killed, 56 were butchered, armed robbery,
ritual killing, 8 persons believed to be serial killings. A fake man of God
recently drowned 2 women at the Weija River etc.

from the Ghana Tourist board indicate that, there has been a decline in tourist
inflow into the country due to the increasing rate of crimes in the country in
association with the unscrupulous publications (negative) that some Ghanaians
post on the internet about safety issues in the country.

Ghanaians are really confused, they think the country is no longer a safer land
or a place to live because if a policeman or a law-enforcement officer with a
gun were to be killed without a trace then what of individuals like us! Most
people are scared to use their phones in public, internet cafes, shopping
malls, churches, petrol stations and clubs. Most entertainment places for
tourists close as early as 7pm (19:00GMT). The big question is “Who
is safe?” we are all eligible victims.


we believe that campaigning through the media by airing it will:

v  Have a positive impact
on peoples’ lives,

v  Reduce crime
waves in Ghana,

v  Portray the
negative effects of such crimes.

v  Generally make
Ghanaians adopt a positive and intelligent attitude towards each other and
their future

v  Enable Ghanaians
to appreciate securities and invest for a secured future

v  To boost tourism
and its related economic ties


motive of the producer of the GH @ five ‘O’ documentary/movie is to:

Ø  Create a
generation of law abiding citizens.

Ø  Contribute our
portion towards safe-guarding our society.

Ø  Instill
discipline in the decision making process and focus on the potentials of the
youth with respect to their future perspectives.

Ø  Change the lives
of such culprits.

Ø  Create awareness
of the risks involved in lawlessness.

Ø  Aid in curbing
the rampant influx of criminals and acts of lawlessness.


Isaac Asomah-Sarpong, the Producer/Director, produced the documentary/movie not
for mass distribution and retailing purposes.


cost of producing the documentary/movie is
including the free premiering of the movie which took place at
the National Theatre.


Air Time needed and it’s Cost.


full running time of the Movie/Documentary is One Hour Thirty Minutes (1Hour:
30 Minutes)

Movie/Documentary will be showing every week-end (Peak-Airtime) on each of
these TV Stations throughout the nation.

GTV                1.5
Hours                               3,000 peak-time

TV3                 1.5
Hours                                3,500

TV        1.5 Hours                                3,500 Peak-time

               1.5 Hours                                2,500 Peak-time

Africa        1.5 Hours                                2,500 peak-time

1           1.5 Hours                                3,000 Peak-time


Total (Airtime)                                                GH¢ 18,000

            Movie Cost                                                    
GH¢ 30,000

Grand total                                                    GH¢


CATEGORIES: (Diamond, Platinum, Gold, Silver & Bronze)

Pls. Note

 You can also donate to support this Crime-Free project by calling our front desk line 0302 240 120, 0246 10
37 08
(You’ll be Acknowledged as a
support sponsor whilst running the “end-credit”

 Don’t hesitate to call for further inquiries.


sponsors or contributors can also send their donations to this account:

Barclays Bank

name: Ikecrotec Ventures

number: 1011706

code: 006



Diamond sponsor get a
total of eighteen (18) slots with random scroll text and logo display on six
(6) TV Stations

Amount: GH¢16,002.00



Platinum gets a total
of fourteen (14) slots with random scroll text and logo display on six (6) TV

Amount: GH¢12446.00



Gold gets a total of
ten (10) slots with random scroll text and logo display (6) TV Stations.

Amount: GH¢8890.00



Silver gets a total of
eight (8) slots and random scroll text and display logo on six (6) TV Stations

Amount: GH¢7122.00



Bronze gets a total of
six (6) slots and random scroll text and display logo on six (6) TV Stations

Amount: GH¢5334.00


program will be aired on weekends at peak times.

will run from Monday to the weekend.

features well known artists such as Seth Karikari “Koo Fori” of Afei Wura and
Omar Sheriff Captan.

are therefore soliciting for your collaboration to enable us financially recoup
the invested amount in return for;


Mass advertising (during promotional advertising and
“slots and text-scrolling” during airing) to boost your market share

Acknowledgement as a support sponsor whilst running
the “credits & end-credit”

A means of undertaking your Corporate Social
Responsibility to the community

Educating the less learned once for a better Ghana.

all join hands together in one way or the other to help fight crime and bring
back our mother Ghana; God fearing country by eradicating negative materials
via the media”.


of Interior & Minister of Tourism is going to minute on both visual & sound.

(Advising the culprits and the negative effect of
such crimes

sincerely believe that by association, there will be perfect synergy between
your premium brand and our quality and interesting documentary/movie.


More About Ghana & Our Services

                     “Trans-Saharan Trade”
                               Upper East:

              This gateway to Ghana from Burkina-Faso used to be the traditional crossroads for the trans-Saharan trade routes. Its markets continue to be important trading points, with Bolgatanga being a famous center for handicrafts including straw hats, baskets, leather goods and metal jewelry. The local villages with their distinctive buildings and unique lifestyles of the people provide a distinct contrast to those in other parts of Ghana and welcome atmosphere for the visitors. Major attractions include: Paga Crocodile Pond; feed, sit on and take pictures with live crocodiles! Nania slave Market (close to the Ghana-Burkina Faso border) Tongo-Tenzug Shines, 10km south of Bolgatanga Sirigu Art and Pottery Village, 30km off the Bolga-Navrongo road Widnaba (culture and hiking trail) located in the Bawku West District, off the Bolga-Zebilla-Bawku road Bolga Basket Center

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